Thursday, June 23, 2011

All journeys must have a beginning

I am starting this blog to document my journey into the world of Lusitano horses. Well, this journey actually started almost two years ago I am about to embark on a journey to Portugal and will attend the first International Lusitano Congress and a Lusitano horse show in Lisbon, I have decided to blog as much as possible as a way to share what I have learned about the horses I love, also known as PSL (Pure Sangue Lusitano). For us (my husband Robert and I), this trip to Portugal represents a chance to renew and educate ourselves and to train our eyes to understand what is the Lusitano horse.

To begin, I am the proud owner of two Lusitanos. A 100% Veiga yearling stallion named JP Zarathustra -who is a dream come true, and a wonderful mare, named Caranja SBS. Caranja was bred in Brazil and imported to the states in-utero. We have just bred Caranja to a PSL named Rumbero and last week, we received the wonder news that she has settled. Hopefully, in the fall, Caranja will pass her adult inspection and then be registered in the adult PSL studbook -held by the Portuguese. Both horses are currently registered with IALHA and both are in the process of being placed in the Portuguese studbook. Getting the horses registered in Portugal has proved to be quite the task. In fact, on of my early blogs will probably be about the process of registering Lusitanos in Portugal and how to do it -as what seems like SHOULD be a straight forward process, is not always so.

But for now, you all can look forward to reading about our trip, what I am learning at the First International Lusitano Congress (July 5-6) and then it will be many, many photos of the horse show! Hold on -things are going to move fast around here!

I leave you all with a brief video of Caranja SBS taken on the second day of her arrival here at Cielo Azure Farms: