Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Studebaker Show Phaeton (Late 1800s) FOR SALE

Studebaker Show Phaeton (Late 1800s)

Professionally restored Studebaker Show Phaeton for sale. It is a beautiful piece, ready for the show ring or parade. It is cut under for safety. The seats are a dark green velvet, with no rips or tears. This vehicle is extremely elegant and classy -

Accordling to the Carriage Museum of America, this style is from the late 1800s. It comes with two sets of shafts. One regular horse sized and one that fits a 16 to 17.2 hand draft.  

The wheels were recently taken off and repacked. The axle inside the wheel is clearly marked Studebaker -showing that it is definitively a Studebaker.  The back wheels are 48 inches high and the bench portion of the seat is 51 inches high.

We are looking for a quick sale, and thus this is being sold for $3,900.00

This is a photo of the Axle, with "STUDEBAKER IMPROVED" stamped into it.